Welcome to Chaga Alaska.

The Chaga on this site is harvested from along the foothills of the Alaska Range. We are far from the road system and the pollution of civilization. It takes more effort and expense to harvest Chaga in such remote locations but well worth the trouble.

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The foothills of the Alaska Range are known for deep snow and wild temperature swings making it one of the harshest environments for birch trees.

The trees get loaded with heavy wet snow, possibly rain then wind, then below zero temperatures resulting in downed limbs and trees.

Yet they survive. These trees must have incredible nutrient flow to survive such relentless and continual winter damage and repair themselves over such a short frenzied growing season.

The potency of the Chaga becomes highly concentrated as a result of the increased nutrient flow compared to trees in a more moderate environment.

Its not magic, its just science and common sense. For example, a large Chaga conk from a relatively young and strong tree  in severe weather conditions with large swings in temperature will have a lot more therapeutic power than a small conk  growing from an old tree  in a more moderate climate.


We at Chaga Alaska believe that where it comes from is as important as how its processed.


Our processing facility is treated as a “clean room” and the dehydration process includes commercial sized dehydration units.

You really don’t want your Chaga drying in someones living space or over a wood stove with dogs and cats shaking and scratching picking up all kinds of contaminates. I really could go on and on.

Our friends and family were our first customers and every batch processed is treated as if it were for them.


We work hard to ensure that care is taken every step of the way; that we are providing the best Chaga in Alaska and to ensure the highest quality from tree to table.



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